BOX #4

2998  (see BOX #59)          AN EMPTY CAN OF HOMAX…  (see BOX #59)          A DRAWING BY A FAMOUS ARTIST AND A SCULPTURE BY A NOT-SO-FAMOUS ARTIST  (see BOX #59)          HELP YOURSELVES  (see BOX #58)          SET FOR LIFE  (see BOX #58)          IMPROVISED SPECIAL PLACE HOLDER  (see BOX #57)          DUDE DOING SOMETHING TO SOMETHING WHILE DEFENDING HIS SCAREFACE  (see BOX #57)          MR PALMER…OH OH OH MR PALMER  (see BOX #57)          A FAMOUS ARTIST LIVES (T)HERE; sun10:43:28am24jun2012; ink, paper, tape, a stamp, a postmark, DNA; 6 1/2″x3 5/8″ when flat, variable when standing.          DRAWER, BATHROOM; from summer of 2001 to 23 MAY 2006 (stored in bathroom drawer mid-2001 to mid-2004); 5 1/2″x 13 1/2″x 18 1/2″; non-messy bathroom waste generated mostly by me, index card, ink, cardboard box (that used to contain MRE’s), clear tape.          2 EMPTY INOPERABLE BACKPACKS (PART OF GREATER REFUSE PIECE); 2005; 2 (empty, worn, with broken hardware) backpacks – one “Ridgefield” purple with leather bottom, the other “Eastpak” black. Both are canvas. 3 1/2″x 15″x 18″ when closed, flattened, and stacked.


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